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March 9, 2011


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It's a comic page in which a man has a terrible beard, and a doctor changes a subject

I like drawing Dr. Peterson's face.

I was considering making some kind of vague reference on this page to Dr. Peterson having some kind feelings for the warden or actually having a relationship with her, but that is too much subplot for me to handle. And it seems sort of unimportant.

And also I don't really want to hear people going EW GROSS about it either. Comments about her being ugly because she's butch bother me enough as it is.

And... I missed this because I was drawing, but someone made a joke about her being a tranny in the ustream, and I don't wanna make anyone feel bad, but please never do that again. Okay?

I should have said something at the time, but I guess it sort of flustered me. It's hard to think of a level headed thing to say when you're upset, you know? And I don't want to yell at people, because I know they didn't mean to make me feel bad, but careless words can be pretty painful sometimes.

I'll say something next time, if it ever happens again. I feel like I owe it to people to be upfront about it if it bothers me, or I think it's out of line. It's just hard to broach a thing like that when everyone's having a good time.

Sorry for my downer note this week. No hard feelings.


I'm not at that DA meetup thingy for SXSW, obviously. I was thinking about going, but after shaking hands with people this past weekend at Staple! I am kind of all socialized out and I now require time to sit in my dark cave-room and obsess over everything I said to everyone and everything everyone said to me.

~my artistic process~
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aseariel Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I like the warden's design. She doesn't have what I believe :iconwhitetrashpalace: described as "Porn-y McRazorface." And I... find her sympathetic, even though I don't like what she's done to Schtein.
myartgoespop Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
One question x: . What happened to his orange uniform? Is this new grey ensamble just for Solitary dudes , or what?
evilengine9 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011  Student Digital Artist
not specifically for solitary, but because he was moved from the hospital to the solitary cell. He's still being treated by the hospital staff, so his laundry is still coming from there.
cesura Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Ya know, I kinda got the feeling there was something going on between the Warden and Peterson on the last page, with the awkward doorway moment. Heh. That'd be cute.
mordormaster277 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011
I've never really thought of her as butch, or Jesus, felt the need to categorize her at all. It's something that seems to happen a lot with characters, this categorization thing, but I think it's a lot better to suspend judgment in favor of just letting the characters be themselves.

And golly, god forbid I cry sexism, since I really hate mentioning it, but I think that just shows a definite prejudice built up in the comic medium. Oh, sure, it's not just comics. But if you go to the comic store right this moment, I somehow feel the number of large-chested females is going to outweigh the number of well thought out female protagonists. It's one reason I like web-comics: if the comic maker actually wants to stick to character development instead of exploitation, they can do that without having a Marvel/DC editor telling them to add more cleavage. Hell, the same standard goes for men. The bland, personality-less bishie-pretty-boys or giant muscular heroes just get annoying after so many rehashes. The idea of creating these 'perfect looking' characters is not just unrealistic, it's poor storytelling and lackluster character design. Plus it's just another reason most people don't respect comics as a medium.

Bleh. I'm approaching rambling territory. I have to say that when people throw slurs at characters, it's pretty shocking, and if the character is yours, even more so. I know that when I came under fire for having a female character who tended towards androgyny in dress and appearance, what people said about her behind my back was pretty offensive. (They would automatically assume she's gay, call her butch, a bitch, and just generally demeaned her solely because of her appearance.) Some of those same people had no problem with yaoi-grade pretty boys who could pass for females quite easily. Also, if you have a female character that's a tad on the grumpy side, people will automatically label her a bitch. Huh. It's funny, because somehow a male character being grumpy is a perfectly acceptable trait, even somehow admired. Look at House. If a female character acted at all like he does, I'm guessing she wouldn't be nearly as popular. Huh. You know. . . It's not comics, it's the society, and I guess all you can really do is ignore it and carry on as you were.
CthulhuMeow Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2011
You are a good person. Just wanted to say.
stokerbramwell Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011
Ugh I hate "tranny" as a pejorative. Ugh ugh ugh.

People bother me sometimes.
evilengine9 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I doubt any offense or ill will was meant. A lot of the times people just don't think about this stuff before they say anything. It happens.

Still, I'm pretty unfond of the term as well.
aizou-blue Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011
I'm definitely with you on that; it was starting to bother me a bit, too. So thank you. : )

But anyways, wonderful new page! It seems that all this time in prison has shrunk Schtein's beer belly. ;P
evilengine9 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011  Student Digital Artist
yay someone noticed.

That was actually the reason for the nudity in the shower scene, also. Not just to make him seem vulnerable, but to make it obvious how much weight he'd lost.

He hasn't been eating very well. Or much.
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